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Sophia Le Page

Jaya is a very special woman & beautiful soul. The depth to which she will dive within herself, the self-awareness that she has, the thirst to expand her spiritual, personal & professional development is very rare. I have seen first hand how much love & care Jaya gives to her clients & to everyone in her sphere. She holds a beautiful space where the people in her energy feel permission to be themselves. Jaya is one in a million. Any person would be blessed to work with her & have the benefit of her wide & ever expanding skill set.

Ulrika Celsing.jpeg

Ulrika Celsing

There are some people that even if you meet them for the first time it feels like you've known each other for ages. That's how it was with Jaya.She is a warm and radiant persona with a truly beautiful vibe. I instantly felt that she understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to be and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I feel more empowered in making clothing an expression of who I am thanks to Jaya's guidance and advice, and it has changed how I feel and think about the way I dress. Now my clothes express my personality and I feel so more confident and alive!


Malin Arebert

My experience with amazing Jaya has so far been something I couldn't imagine. She listens and understands my deeper self and helps me to express it through my clothing. We still have some steps together until our first mission is done and I look forward to discovering more with her. Everybody should give themselves the luxury of Jaya.  


Lina Lanestrand

Jaya is a great and passionate wardrobe stylist who has inspired me to find more finesse and express more of my femininity in my clothing. I appreciate that Jaya supports conscious sustainability in her work, for example to highlight new opportunities in my existing wardrobe and work with second hand boutiques.


Anneli Johansson

It feels so much longer than 7 months since I got to meet this amazing woman that is Jaya Jankert for the first time.
She is a woman full of sparkling energy and she really leads by example. During our time together she has given me space and encouraged me to take some bold steps forward. She made me see and believe in the greatness I have within that I knew about, but didn´t really believe. She has helped me to open doors within that I didn´t even realize were still closed. Thank you Jaya. Our work on mý wardrobe is still to come and I am so much looking forward to it and to meet her in person though she has also become a dear friend.


Hannah Meyer Sjöblom

With Jaya's help I got to see inner me coming out in the clothing she saw fitted me.

Fardosa Adone.jpg

Fardosa Adone

I met Jaya on LinkedIn, at the time I was in a shitty place and was feeling stuck. Jaya helped me get out of my situation at the time, she helped me get my confidence back in my clothes, myself and helped me to see that I was great and that I could shine. I quit my job and went after the one I wanted. I am happy to say I am in a job I love and have learnt to put myself first. I am happy and proud of my journey and I could not have taken the steps if not for Jaya's helping and nurturing hand. Thank you darling Jaya, you are a gem.

Eric Balance.jpg

Eric Balance

Jaya is one of my most amazing Business Nirvana clients, with her innate resilience and beautiful soul, coming from a place of genuine love and bringing it wholeheartedly to everything she does and her business.

Debbie Potts.jpg

Debbie Potts

Jaya Jankert is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her drive and her passion shine through in everything she does. Her vision to empower through her coaching and mentoring programme is incredibly inspiring. As an Empowerment Wardrobe Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Professional Connector, Jaya is an awesome change-maker. Working with her has positively impacted my own personal and professional journey and I would highly recommend making a connection with the vibrant and beautiful Jaya Jankert!

Sanah Sharma.jpg

Sanah Sharma Mehra

It’s been such a pleasure to get to know Jaya from both a professional and personal perspective. For me Jaya represents the woman who is timeless. She is aware of her spiritual energy and believes in empowering others with it. I adore that. I’m so glad and proud to have a client like Jaya. Keep going, woman!

Janine Potts.jpeg

Janine Potts

Jaya Jankert is an inspiring person and a fantastic role model. Her passion and energy are so infectious and her Empowered by Jaya brand is definitely uplifting and encouraging for us all! It is a pleasure to be inspired by her!


Christian Linnér

Jaya has inspired me to get some garments for my wardrobe that really feel like me and I enjoy wearing a lot! They help bring out my spiritual side, which Jaya also has helped me with.

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