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If you can you provide expertise or valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Innovation, or Lifestyle, then you might just be the next Brainz guest writer or expert contributor!

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For energy guidance, Jaya recommends...


Emma Hamlin

Emma Hamlin is the British-born founder of Change Maker Press, the Authors Of Influence Academy and the Change Makers series of books. She is a book and branding strategist and a #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author and Publisher.

Since 2019,


Emma has mentored over 150 female authors to publish their stories in best-selling books and global media placements. Emma’s work and transformational life story has been featured across international media platforms such as NBC, FOX, The Daily Mail UK, The World News, and NY Today. 

When she isn’t helping her clients build their brands and businesses, Emma loves to create visual art, and travel. Emma lives on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia with her two beloved sons, Jake, and Luca and her cheeky French Bulldog, Elizabeth.

Victoria Kleinsman

Victoria Kleinsman is a food freedom & body love coach, inspirational speaker, podcast host, and writer.


Victoria helps you to make peace with food, become besties with your body & fall madly in love with yourself.


After surviving anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and a violent relationship, Victoria truly understands what it's like to feel out of control around food and disgusted with the reflection in the mirror. 


Having alchemised her pain into her passion and power, Victoria helps women all around the world to positively transform their relationship with food and their bodies. 


Victoria also has a unique gift of activating women to remember who the f*ck they are - Divinity embodied - and return home to infinite self-love.




Eric Balance is a healer, guide, and conscious entrepreneur, who shares the power of wellness through compassion. His incredible journey has taken him all around the world, learning from some of the most inspirational leaders in conscious development, and transformed his life into a vehicle for positive change. From overcoming a crippling drug habit to unlearning the suffocating social conditioning which affects every one of us, his experiences have led him to develop a unique method for rebalancing our lives and repairing our connection with the world around us, building towards total alignment between our mind, body and spirit.


His mission is to bring us back into harmony with our true nature and the deep wisdom of our heart, giving us everything we need to embrace the beautiful dance of life. At the core of everything he does is redefining leadership for the current era, as an approach built on compassion, care and love.

Sophia Le Page

Sophia is a Rebel Queen, Modern Mystic, Feminine Embodiment Coach & the creator of Rebel Queen Kundalini. She has inspired thousands of women around the world with her work, centred on initiating women into their own Rebel Queen, feminine magic & embodied erotic leadership, through the power of pleasure.

A decade ago Sophia was brought to her knees by a messy divorce, which left her identity in tatters. Breaking free from Good Girl programming, she ignited her feminine magnetism, opened herself to living a desire-led, body-based & pleasure-filled life & has since dedicated herself to guiding women do the same.

Sophia is a Global citizen, having lived on 5 continents. Her deepest desire & greatest motivation is to live a life of magic & turn-on & this led her to travel with Shamans, sit with Gurus & study the Esoteric & Tantric Arts, before settling in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. There, she met her husband & fellow Entrepreneur, Gabriel. The two now run multiple businesses together & are the proud parents of 2 cats!



Sanah Sharma Mehra

Sanah is a designer, researcher and expert in sustainable fashion. A gold medalist in Fashion Studies at the tender age of 18 underpinned her determination to pursue a career in fashion. At the age of 23, her cutting technique Planar Flux was incorporated into the syllabus at Iowa State University. A year later Sanah  published her research collaborating with Springer Publications in the book  ‘Models for Sustainable Framework in Luxury Fashion: Luxury and Models’. She was mentored by renowned designer and cutter Prof. Julian Roberts of the Royal College of Art (London) and has also engaged in multiple international collaborations. In 2020, Sanah won the prestigious RCGD Global Design Contest in partnership with Tencel. 

Sanah runs her eponymous label ‘Sanah Sharma’ that follows ethical, fair and zero-waste practices to create intelligently engineered garments for a global market. The label is based in Chennai (India) and is also a registered initiative of the UN SDGs platform.

The benefits of hiring

a Virtual Assistant

When I started my business, it was just me and me alone. And of course, this was absolutely okay. However, as time went on and my business grew, I realised that I needed help in order to continue to upscale my business so I hired a VA to take care of all those boring but necessary tasks to keep a business going.  As my relationship has developed with my incredible VA, Debbie Potts of DAP VA Limited, I find that she is so much more than your everyday VA - She has become my online business manager as she supports me in so many aspects of my business.


So if there is one change you could make to improve the way you work, I would recommend you hire a VA. More details about mine below.


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