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Working for you

Together with you, I add an inner power to your style where the focus is on strengthening your unique personality and vision of empowerment and energy. My strength lies in meeting you and using the right mindset to see and understand who you are NOW and who you are about to become.

Change your story, change your style!

Styling för dig: Välkommen

A Range of Services

Do you own your wardrobe? Do you stand in your own power? Would you like to create more freedom through the power to be completely yourself?


With the service packages on offer, which range from an online programme, online 1:1 mentoring or face-to-face mentoring, I will help you to see clearly and be in touch with your own unique strength so that you have the power to own the garments/clothes you wear. By doing this, awareness, self-love and strength are created.  With these services, I work with you over 6 months, starting with the inner you to understand where you would like to be and what path you would like to follow.  I analyse not only all aspects of your wardrobe including colour analysis and key garments but also we work together on feminine and masculine energy, doing a deep dive into the root causes and blockages in your life to equip you with empowerment and energy and so much more.


All of this will result in helping you to identify your style and how to be the best version of who you really are from the inside out in all the different and unique areas of your life. You will be able to stand in your own power and truth and feel in control of everything you do. You will increase your knowledge and self-awareness, accepting all the beauty that you bring into the world.  

Remember, magic is created through love when you dare to be yourself!

Empowered by Jaya Method

This is an exciting programme that will not only change your look, but also your outlook. It will further enhance and compliment both your personal and business lives.

It is important in my programme that you are both seen and heard so we will come together on a weekly basis to listen and learn from each other. 

Styling för dig: Tjänster
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