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Welcome to my Empowered by Jaya Method ... a programme developed to work with both women and men who are looking to stand in their own power and achieve their dreams. 


This is a programme in which you are both seen and heard!  In addition to following the online programme, we will come together on a weekly basis for a one hour live session to listen and learn from each other. 

To find out more about your spiritual empowerment  within your style or to have an informal chat, please feel free to get in touch. 


I will help you to:

1) Clean out the clothing you are no longer using, finding key items and new combinations of your clothing. 

2) Identify how much your wardrobe is valued and reduce the items you don’t use or still have a price tag on it. 

3) Find new combinations where your personality shows in the outfit and you OWN the outfits. 

4) Make a visualisation based on questions and information you have shared with me. The result will be where you are today and where you are heading. 

5) Break your patterns and identify your style and how to be the best you in front of the camera, in online meetings and in front of a crowd.

6) Optimise your purchases in terms of creating a sustainable wardrobe overtime. 

7) Be able to create a conscious mindset so you can be the person you want to become with your personality and inner self love (and clothing).



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