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Spiritual Empowerment Stylist Mentor, Energy Guidance Healer, Professional Connector, Author and Public Speaker

Working with you to stand in your own power to achieve your dreams through choices and listening to your intuition that brings out your personality and allows you to reconnect with your spiritual power and purpose on a higher level. I will guide you to ultimately speak your truth. An abundant soul powered life awaits you!

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Jaya is a very special woman & beautiful soul. The depth to which she will dive within herself, the self-awareness that she has, the thirst to expand her spiritual, personal & professional development is very rare. I have seen first hand how much love & care Jaya gives to her clients & to everyone in her sphere. She holds a beautiful space where the people in her energy feel permission to be themselves. Jaya is one in a million. Any person would be blessed to work with her & have the benefit of her wide & ever expanding skill set.

Sophia Le Page


This yellow skirt represents so many emotions for me because it belonged to my grandmother.  It stands for freedom, joy, strength, courage, shame, inadequacy, vulnerability, energy, victory and love.  Some of these feelings, such as not being good enough just as I was, I would not want anyone else to experience.  That is why I choose to focus on each person having something unique and beautiful that should be highlighted through clothes.  I am a certified stylist and personal shopper at Style Academy, Rosenrummet, NK.

"Magic is created through love when you dare to be yourself."

by Jaya Jankert


I work with you by doing a deep dive into how you would love to see yourself both professionally and personally, now and in the future.  What you choose to put on is a reflection of what is inside of you and the energy you emit. Not only through your wardrobe style but also through a higher vibration and dimension of existence, we work together to bring your vision to life in a loving and supportive transformative way. 


If you are looking to stand in your own power and be in charge of who you are and what you do, I would be honoured and delighted to work with you. 



I believe that we are all unique and special. Therefore the Jaya Jankert brand embodies uniqueness and empowerment in all that is accomplished by focusing on the four pillars encompassing the work that we do: Empowerment and Spiritual Growth, Financial Wealth, Conscious Parenting and Connecting People. Working with you on these four areas will enable you to break restrictive patterns and limiting beliefs. Allowing yourself to be open to change in order to raise your vibration to a higher frequency will undoubtedly attract the right people and the right opportunities.

Strength is created through your vision of empowerment and energy!









A magical feeling is created by OWNING what you wear and who you are

Be the changemaker of your journey



The importance of believing in yourself and that we are all good enough

I am extremely happy, grateful and proud to be part of The Tribe.

Enormously important messages and wise values where we can all choose daily that we are good enough - @iam_samata


Feel free to follow @the___tribe and be inspired by wise women!



Jessica Duarte, make up artist and brow stylist. 

Jessica and I met at a business event in Marbella two years ago.  I knew then that we would one day collaborate.  We individually worked on our own companies, our own travels and our personal development until our paths crossed again. 

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I accepted to take part in her new monthly blog about empowered women where Jessica interviews people who inspire her.

Jessica inspires me by her genuine personality, drive, happiness and a passion to use her creativity to contribute to others.


Valerie Prasetyo of Independent Women interviews Jaya Jankert...

Mindset, personal development and improvement are important elements in getting the results we are working on, however, the way we look, project and present ourselves is also crucial. The first impression can determine if the deal will be closed if you are going to get this very next client.

And even if you take part in a regular meeting it all about self-respect as well as showing respect to others. Nowadays, when most of the people work from home, it became a bit challenging to dress up and create a look that stands out.

In this video with Jaya Jankert, a wardrobe stylist from Sweden, we discuss some fundamentals to build up your unique look even if you have virtual meetings.

Join our conversation, and leave in comments how are you dealing with the changes and build your “home office looks”.

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